It can be said that transactions concerning the legal fate of real estate can be considered as typical tasks of attorneys-at-law since many people come into contact with attorney under these circumstances.

It should be noted however that it is highly recommended to seek legal assistance as soon as the contractual negotiations of the transaction begin as a number of information may come to light that has a fundamental impact on the transaction to be concluded.

As with any transaction regarding real estates, the initial step is to retrieve the title of deed of the given real estate from the public register, as the title deed contains all the relevant facts and information concerning the real estate.

How can I help you during real estate transactions?
  • drafting and reviewing real estate transactions contracts (sale and purchase, donation and exchange);
  • drafting and commenting on lease agreements;
  • Founding of condominiums and drafting of the necessary documentation (deed of foundation, organisational and operational regulations, house regulations policy etc.);
  • Drafting of contracts on founding usufructu and land registry procedures for the deletion of usufructu;
  • Drafting of agricultural real estate state and purchase contracts;
  • Reclassification procedure (procedure for changing the legal classification of a real estate);
How does a real estate sale and purchase go step by step?


In order to ensure fast and convenient administration, it is necessary to electronically send in advance information regarding the parties, the real estate, the payment schedule and any further relevant data (eg the purchase price will be paid from a bank loan or the administrative burdens of the real estate have to be lifted in advance.


Upon receipt of all the necessary information, the contract is drafted and is sent electronically to all parties.


If based on the feedback it is necessary, the contract will be finalised and sent via electronic means.


On the day if signing, the personal identification documents of all participating parties are inspected, furthermore in order to achieve the highest possible level of transaction security, a fresh title deed will be downloaded before signing.


Simultaneously with signing the contract is countersigned and summitted to the land registry office.

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