Given the fact that working makes up a significant part of our lives, it is therefore of the outmost importance that the regulations governing the legal relationship are fully complied with by the employer and employee alike.

Many subsequent employment disputes can be prevented if you seek legal advice before the start of the employment relationship.

How can I assist you?
  • drafting and reviewing of employment contracts;
  • legal advice on termination of employment;
  • legal advice on notice periods and the amount severance pay;
  • drafting and reviewing of non-compete agreements, study contracts and confidentiality agreements;
  • legal representation in disputes related to the unlawful termination of employment;
  • drafting and reviewing employment policies;
  • review of existing contracts from an employment law point-of-view;
  • representation in disputes arising from employment, public servant and government official legal relationships.

This webpage is maintained by Dániel dr. Párkai registered  by the Budapest Bar Association in accordance with legislation on attorneys-at-law and internal by-laws that may be found on the webpage along with information on client’s rights.

Contact information
1011 Budapest, Szilágyi Dezső tér 7. földszint. 3/A

My office is located in the heart of the 1st District in Víziváros and is therefore convenient to reach.

  • by public transportation: a 2 minute walk from Batthyány square and a 1 minute walk from the stop of Halász utca of trams 19 and 41;

by car: the location of the office is also favourable from a parking point of view, as there is usually parking space at Bem rakpart, Szilágyi Dezső square or Fő utca, which is however subject to a fee between 8 AM and 6 PM on weekdays.

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