Company founding

In each case, I always recommend to my clients that we hold joint consultation (whether in person, in writing or via telephone) prior to founding a company, during which it is possible to determine the most appropriate company form and other conditions that meet your personal and financial goals.

You may avoid a lot of future inconvenience if you already have a well-thought-out business concept that matches your expectations and goals before founding the company.

There are many factors which determine the ideal solution for you.  Some of these factors are:
  • Will you start the operation alone or with business associates?
  • What company name should you choose?
  • Is the domain name for the chosen company name still available?
  • As a member, are you willing to undertake limited or unlimited liability?
  • Does the member or the members have a domestic address or seat?
  • Is the mandatory minimum capital available at the time of incorporation or can it only be contributed at a later time?
  • What form of taxation is worth choosing?
  • Do the company’s activities require an official permit and/or are the subject to notification?
  • Do the members consider it necessary to regulate their legal relationship with each other within the framework of a syndicate agreement?

After having clarified the above questions, it is much easier for us to determine how to implement your ideas.

How can I assist you during the founding of a company?
  • I make a suggestion for the selection of a company form and operating structure corresponding to the characteristics you have specified;
  • I undertake to prepare, countersign and submit to the competent Company Registry Court the documents necessary for founding the company, which are in full compliance with the applicable legal requirements.

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